Note 025
From Chapter 26 of the Decline & Fall

China has been illustrated by the labours of the French; of the missionaries at Pekin, and Messrs. Freret and De Guignes at Paris. The substance of the three preceding notes is extracted from the 'Chou-king', with the preface and notes of M. de Guignes, Paris, 1770; The Tong-Kien-Kang-Mou, translated by the P. de Mailla, under the name of Hist. Generale de la Chine, tom. i. p. xlix.-cc.; the Memoires sur la Chine, Paris, 1776, etc., tom. i. p. 1-323, tom. ii. p. 5-364; the Histoire des Huns, tom. i. p. 1-131, tom. v. p. 345-362; and the Memoires de l'Academie des Inscriptions, tom. x. p. 377-402, tom. xv. p. 495-564, tom. xviii. p. 178-295, tom. xxxvi. p. 164-238.

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