Note 002
From Chapter 26 of the Decline & Fall

The earthquakes and inundations are variously described by Libanius (Orat. de ulciscenda Juliani nece, c. x. in Fabricius, Bibl. Graec. tom. vii p 158, with a learned note of Olearius), Zosimus (1. iv. [c. 18] p. 221), Sozomen (1. vi. c. 2) Cedrenus (p. 310, 314 [tom. i. p. 543, 550, ed. Bonn]), and Jerom (in Chron. p. 186 [tom. viii. p. 809, ed. Vallars.], and tom. i. p. 250, in Vit. Hilarion [tom. ii. p. 36 ed. Vallars.]). Epidaurus must have been overwhelmed, had not the prudent citizens placed St. Hilarion, an Egyptian monk, on the beach. He made the sign of the cross; the mountain-wave stopped, bowed, and returned.

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