Note 109
From Chapter 25 of the Decline & Fall

Tacitus, or rather his father-in-law Agricola, might remark the German or Spanish complexion of some British tribes. But it was their sober, deliberate opinion:

"In universum tamen aestimanti Gallos vicinum solum occupasse credibile est Eorum sacra deprehendas . . . sermo haud multum diversus" (in Vit. Agricol. c. xi.).

Caesar had observed their common religion (Comment. de Bello Gallico, vi. 13); and in his time the emigration from the Belgic Gaul was a recent, or at least an historical event (v. 12) . Camden, the British Strabo, has modestly ascertained our genuine antiquities (Britannia, vol. i. Introduction, p. ii.-xxxi.).

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