Note 021
From Chapter 16 of the Decline & Fall

See Justin Martyr, Apolog. i. 35 [c. 27? ed. Ben.]. Irenaeus adv. Haeres. i. 24. Clemens Alexandrin. Stromat. 1. iii. p. 438 [c. 2, p. 514, ed. Oxon. 1715] . Euseb. iv. 8. It would be tedious and disgusting to relate all that the succeeding writers have imagined, all that Epiphanius has received, and all that Tillemont has copied. M. de Beausobre (Hist. du Manicheisme, l. ix. c. 8, 9) has exposed, with great spirit, the disingenuous arts of Augustin and Pope Leo I.

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