Scope Of Chapter 32
Fall In The West — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Arcadius Emperor of the East—Administration and Disgrace of Eutropius—Revolt of Gainas—Persecution of St. John Chrysostom—Theodosius II. Emperor of the East—His Sister Pulcheria—His Wife Eudocia—The Persian War, and Division of Armenia
395-1453 The Empire of the East
395-408 Reign of Arcadius
395-399 Administration and Character of Eutropius; His Venality and Injustice; Ruin of Abundantius; Destruction of Timasius
397 A cruel and unjust Law of Treason
399 Rebellion of Tribigild; Fall of Eutropius
400 Conspiracy and Fall of Gainas
398 Election and Merit of St. John Chrysostom
398-403 His Administration and Defects
403 Chrysostom is persecuted by the Empress Eudoxia
Popular Tumults at Constantinople
404 Exile of Chrysostom
407 His Death
438 His Relics transported to Constantinople
408 Death of Arcadius— His supposed Testament
408-485 Administration of Anthemius
414-453 Character and Administration of Pulcheria
Education and Character of Theodosius the Younger
421-460 Character and Adventures of the Empress Eudocia
422 The Persian War
431-440 Armenia divided between the Persians and the Romans
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