Scope Of Chapter 26
From Fall in The West Part of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Manners of the Pastoral Nations—Progress of the Huns from China to Europe—Flight of the Goths—They Pass the Danube— Gothic War— Defeat and Death of Valens—Gratian Invests Theodosius with the Eastern Empire—His Character and Suc—Peace and Settlement of the Goths
376The Huns and Goths
The pastoral Manners of the Scythians or Tartars
Situation and Extent of Scythia or Tartary
Original Seat of the Huns; Their Conquests in Scythia
201 B.C. their Wars with the Chinese
141-87 B.C. Decline and Fall of the Huns
100 Their Emigrations; The White Huns of Sogdiana
The Huns of the Volga; Their Conquest of the Alani
375 Their Victories over the Goths
376The Goths implore the Protection of Valens
They are transported over the Danube into the Roman Empire
Their Distress and Discontent
Revolt of the Goths in Maesia, and their first Victories
They penetrate into Thrace
377 Operations of the Gothic War; Union of the Goths with the Huns, Alani, etc.
378Victory of Gratian over the Alemanni
Valens marches against the Goths; Battle of Hadrianople;
The Defeat of the Romans; Death of the Emperor Valens
Funeral Oration of Valens and his Army; The Goths besiege Hadrianople
378,379 They ravage the Roman Provinces
378 Massacre of the Gothic Youth in Asia
379The Emperor Gratian invests Theodosius with the Empire of the East
Birth and Character of Theodosius
379-382 His prudent and successful Conduct of the Gothic War
Divisions, Defeat, and Submission of the Goths
381 Death and Funeral of Athanaric
386 Invasion and Defeat of the Gruthungi, or Ostrogoths
383-395 Settlement of the Goths in Thrace and Asia; Their hostile Sentiments
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