Scope Of Chapter 23
From Fall in The West Part of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

The religion of Julian — Universal Toleration — He attempts to restore and reform the Pagan Worship — to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem — His artful persecution of the Christians — Mutual zeal and injustice
351Religion of Julian, His Education and Apostasy
He embraces the Mythology of Paganism
The Allegories
Theological System of Julian
Fanaticism of the Philosophers
Initiation and Fanaticism of Julian
His religious Dissimulation
He writes against Christianity
361Universal Toleration
361-363 Zeal and Devotion of Julian in the Restoration of Paganism
Reformation of Paganism
The Philosophers
The Jews
Description of Jerusalem
361-363Julian attempts to rebuild the Temple— The Enterprise is defeated
Perhaps by a preternatural Event; Partiality of Julian
He prohibits the Christians from teaching Schools
Disgrace and Oppression of the Christians
They are condemned to restore the Pagan Temples
The Temple and sacred Grove of Daphne
Neglect and Profanation of Daphne
362Removal of the dead Bodies, and Conflagration of the Temple
Julian shuts the Cathedral of Antioch
George of Cappadoeia oppresses Alexandria and Egypt
361He is massacred by the People; He is worshipped as a Saint and Martyr
362 Restoration of Athanasius— He is persecuted and expelled by Julian
361-363 Zeal and Imprudence of the Christians
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