Scope Of Chapter 12
From Fall in The West Part of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Conduct of the army and senate after the death of Aurelian. Reigns of Tacitus, Probus, and Carus, and his sons. Extraordinary Contest between the Army and the Senate for the Choice of an Emperor
275A peaceful Interregnum of Eight Months; The Consul Assembles the Senate; Character of Tacitus, He is elected Emperor, He accepts the Purple; Authority of the Senate; Their Joy and Confidence
276Tacitus is acknowledged by the Army; The Alani invade Asia and are repulsed by Tacitus; Death of the Emperor Tacitus; Usurpation and Death of his Brother Florianus, Their Family Subsists in Obscurity; Character and Elevation of the Emperor Probus; His Respectful Conduct towards the Senate; Victories of Probus over the Barbarians
277He delivers Gaul from the Invasion of the Germans; He carries his Arms into Germany; He builds a Wall from the Rhine to the Danube; Introduction and Settlement of the Barbarians; Daring Enterprise of the Franks
279Revolt of Saturninus in the East
280Revolt of Bonosus and Proculus in Gaul
281 Triumph of the Emperor Probus; His Discipline
282His Death; Election and Character of Carus; The Sentiments of the Senate and People; Carus defeats the Sarmatians, and marches into the East
283He gives Audience to the Persian Ambassadors; His Victories, and extraordinary Death; He is succeeded by his two Sons, Carinus and Numerian
284Vices of Carinus; He celebrates the Roman Games; Spectacles of Rome; The Amphitheatre; Return of Numerian with the Army from Persia; Death of Numerian
284Election of the Emperor Diocletian
285Defeat and Death of Carinus
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