William Kiffin

Devonshire Square, London

(from R. Hadyen. English Baptist History and Heritage. Didcot, Oxon: The Baptist Union, 1990)

Kiffin was brought to Christ in his teenage years under the ministry of John Goodwin. By 1644 Kiffin had been appointed pastor of the Devonshire Square church where he served God until his death in 1701. It was from this church that he went as representative to 1689 General Assembly and subscribed the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.

Kiffin was a wealthy London merchant with great standing in the community and with king Charles II. The king appointed him to public office as an alderman of London, a Lord Lieutenant and a magistrate though he seldom exercised these offices. Through his influence he was able to help many persecuted baptists. His work with Keach and Knollys was instrumental in establishing Baptist endeavours in Britian. Kiffin was one of the seven men who sent out the invitation to the 1689 General Assembly.