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THE peculiar conditions of the earthly life of Jesus have now been examined. The time and place of his advent, his parentage, his social position and his early death, strike the least reflecting, and give extraordinary significance to his subsequent history. They therefore first received consideration.

It seemed proper, then, to look at the more prominent and public developments of a life which formed itself under such peculiar conditions. The position to which Christ actually rose, his own idea of that position, the commencement of his public course, the qualities that marked his public appearances, and his teaching itself; contrasted with the speculations and discoveries of other lands and ages, were successively reviewed.

We presume now to venture still nearer to this mysterious personality. Advancing beyond his outward circumstances and his public life, we meditate a close inspection of his inner spiritual being, the sphere of his conscience and his soul. We seek to penetrate that holy place where, exposed to the eye of the Omniscient, lie all the hidden principles of 194the outward life. We seek to look within the vail, into the innermost chamber of that spiritual temple which the heart of Jesus inclosed, and with anxious impartiality and with devout fear, we approach the secrets of this untrodden region.

The proper spiritual individuality of Jesus Christ was evinced in his oneness with God, in the forms of his consciousness, in his manifestation before the world as a whole, in the motive of his life, and in his calm assurance of Triumph.

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