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And again--


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Muget in schowen waz dem meien

Would ye see the lovely wonder

Wrought us by the May?

See how all are laughing yonder,

Whether priest or lay.

Mighty magic doth she hold,

Whence it cometh who shall tell?

But so far as reigns her spell,

No one feeleth old.

We are full of joy and springing,

Welcoming the May

With our dancing, laughing, singing:

No sad dumps to-day!

Heavy looks were now to blame;

Since the birds in happy throngs

Carol forth their sweetest songs,

Let us do the same!

Gentle May, thou showerest fairly

Gifts afar and near;

Clothest all the woods so rarely

And the meadows here:

O'er the heath new colours glow;

Flowers and clover on the plain,

Merry rivals, strive amain

Which can fastest grow.

Lady! part me from my sadness,

Love me while 'tis May:

Mine is but a borrowed gladness

If thou frown alway;

Look around and smile anew!

All the world is glad and free;

Let a little joy from thee

Fall to my lot too!

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