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Aus, aus, hinaus

Out! out, away!

Soul, in this alien house thou hast no stay!

Seek thou thy dwelling in Eternity,

'Tis there shall be

Thy hiding-place, thy nest,

Where nor the world nor self can break thy rest.

Within the heart of God,

There is thy still abode,

There mayst thou dwell at rest and be at home,

Howe'er the body here may toil and roam.

Hinein, hinein

Within! within, O turn

Thy spirit's eyes, and learn

Thy wand'ring senses gently to control;

Thy dearest Friend dwells deep within thy soul,

And asks thyself of thee,

That heart, and mind, and sense He may make whole

In perfect harmony.

Doth not thy inmost spirit yield

And sink where Love stands thus revealed?

Be still and veil thy face,

The Lord is here, this is His holy place!

Then back to earth, and 'mid its toil and throng

One glance within will keep thee calm and strong;

And when the toil is o'er, how sweet, O God, to flee

Within, to Thee!

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