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Wer Geduld und Demuth liebet

Anton Ulrich, Duke of Brunswick.

Patience and Humility!

Where these two companions be,

On their lover they bestow

Quiet calm through weal and woe.

He unmoved meets Fortune's frown,

Sees her wheel go up and down,

Ready stands to face alike

Or her smiles or her dislike.

If she frown like blackest night,

Threatening to o'erwhelm him quite,

Patience still will stand his friend,

Bidding him await the end.

If she smile and all restore,

And he grow elate once more,

Safe through snares of wealth and pride

Soft Humility can glide.

If his plans and wishes fail,

Nor his best-laid schemes avail,

Patience helps him still to hope,

And with disappointment cope.

If his efforts all succeed,

And he earn the hero's meed,

Still Humility will say,

"This shall also pass away."

If unkind the world shall prove,

And no heart give love for love,

Patience comforts, "Sad thy lot,

But thou hast deserved it not."


If he sit in highest state,

Friends around him, rich and great,

From all cares and burdens free;

Safe is still Humility.

Patience is for days of gloom,

Pining grief to overcome;

But Humility for joy,

Lest it cheat us and destroy.

So until my journey ends

These I choose for daily friends,

For Humility is blest,

And sweet Patience giveth rest.

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