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A favourite song, or we might almost call it a ballad for Easter, was this one:--


Es giengen drî frewlîn also frü

There went three damsels ere break of day,

To the Holy Grave they took their way;

They fain would anoint the Lord once more

As Mary Magdalene did before.


The damsels each to other made moan,

"Who will roll us away the stone,

That we may enter in amain

To anoint the Lord as we are fain?


Full precious spices and salve they brought,

But when they came to the spot they sought,

Behold the grave doth open stand,

An angel sitteth on either hand.

"Ye maidens, be not filled with fear,

He whom ye seek, He is not here;

Behold the raiment white and fair

Which the Lord was wrapped in, lieth there.

"Ye maidens, do not here delay,

Ye must to Galilee away;

To Galilee ye now must go,

For there the Lord Himself will show."

But Mary Magdalene could not depart,

Seeking the Lord, she wept apart;

What saw she in a little while?

She saw our Lord upon her smile.

In garb and wise He met her there

As were He a gardener, and did bear

A spade within His holy hand,

As would He dig the garden land.

"O tell me, gentle Gardener thou,

Where hast thou laid my Master now?

Where thou hast hidden Him bid me know,

Or my heart must break beneath its woe."

Scarce could He speak a single word,

Ere she beheld it was the Lord;

She kneeleth down on the cold bare stone,

She hath found her Lord and she alone.

"Touch me not, Mary Magdalene,

But tell the brethren what thou hast seen;

Touch me not now with human hand,

Until I ascend to my Father's land."


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