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Es komt ein schif geladen

A ship comes sailing onwards

With a precious freight on board;

It bears the only Son of God,

It bears the Eternal Word.

A precious freight it brings us,

Glides gently on, yet fast;

Its sails are filled with Holy Love,

The Spirit is its mast.

And now it casteth anchor,

The ship hath touched the land;

God's Word hath taken flesh, the Son

Among us men doth stand.

At Bethlehem, in the manger,

He lies, a babe of days;

For us He gives Himself to death,

O give Him thanks and praise.

Whoe'er would hope in gladness

To kiss this Holy Child,

Must suffer many a pain and woe

Patient like Him and mild;


Must die with Him to evil

And rise to righteousness,

That so with Christ he too may share

Eternal life and bliss.

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