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Min vreude ist gar zergangen

My joy is wholly banished,

Now listen to my sad complaint:

The sins of days departed

Weigh on me sore and I wax faint,

For they are many well I know,

And now dark Death will bring me all to nought.

My life will soon have vanished,

For bitter Death my end hath sworn,

My gifts, my prayers sad-hearted,

On him they are but all forlorn,

When once he bids me with him go:

Ah woful prospect with sore sorrow fraught!


Now nought avails a generous mind,

Nor skill, nor art, nor aught of pride,

Nor that all dames to me were kind:

All gifts and powers of heart and sense

That once were mine are lost to me;

I must seek other company,

Death is my fellow, and he drives me hence.

Grim Death the end is bringing

Of joy to this poor heart in me;

Ah sorely doth he grieve it!

O Lord my God, I cry to Thee,

Receive my soul for pity's sake;

My body to the earth and worms I give.

My lovely art, my singing,

Grows dim within my bosom's shrine;

To whom shall I now leave it?

Ah God, it will no more be mine!

'Twas Thou didst give it, who dost take.

Grant me Thy mercy now while yet I live!

Yes, I have done with sweetest song,

This is the last, my sad complaint,

Death comes and brings a silence long:

Then list to me, my fellows all,

Women and men alike, I mean,

None can say aught 'gainst this, I ween,

See that from righteousness ye never fall.

O Mary, Mother purest,

Now through the death of thy dear Son

Remember all thy kindness,

And all that He for us hath won

Upon the cross, where once was seen

A sharp spear bent against His holy side.

Lord Christ! Thou this endurest

And yet Thou canst the Jew forgive,

For it was done in blindness!


Pray Thou for me too then, while yet I live,

Thou wilt be not less good to me, I ween;

Show Thy dear grace to me at this sad tide.

Farewell to all that glads mine eyes!

Now, Death, dost thou thy work begin;

Lend me, ye friends, your tears and sighs,

And be not Frauenlob forgot,

Whom Death alas! hath conquered here!

Ah God, my latest hour is near,--

Courage, my heart, and go:-- 'tis but the common lot!

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