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O Jesu Christ, ein lieblichz gut

O Jesu Christ, most Good, most Fair,

More fragrant than May's flowery air,

Who Thee within his soul doth bear

True cause for joy hath won!

But would one have Thee in his heart

From all self-will he must depart,

God's bidding only, where Thou art,

Must evermore be done.

Where Jesus thus doth truly dwell,

His presence doth all tumults quell,

And transient cares of earth dispel

Like mists before the sun.

He who despiseth vanity,

And dwells in free simplicity,

So Jesus in his heart may be,

No vexing cares need know.

His comforter the Saviour is,

Sole Comfort of the comfortless;

A cross unstained and bright is his

Whose patience conquers woe.

Have inward oneness, Faith's clear sight

Bid all distracting forms take flight,

Gaze on Christ's image day and night,

Then He is thine below.


Give place to nought that can misguide,

Be thine own self whate'er betide,

What is not thine cast thou aside,

So shalt thou freely stand.

From hasty judgment, oh refrain,

We weigh in balance false and vain;

Christ and His love seek thou amain

In all that thou hast planned:

He who doth undertake too much,

The goal of Truth will rarely touch;

A ship o'erdone with sail is such,

That scarce shall reach the land.

But he who this world's solace leaves,

Whose heart to God in secret cleaves,

And all things as from Him receives,

Shall find his griefs are o'er;

He who hath conquered in the fight,

Serves Christ alone with all his might,

And follows where Christ leads aright,

Hath a bright crown in store.

God help us then to reach that bliss

Christ hath prepared above for His!

Thee, Triune God, we praise and bless,

Oh help us evermore!

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