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Wer ist wohl wie du, Jesu süsse Ruh

Anastasius Freylinghausen

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1869

Thou art First and Best,

Jesu, sweetest Rest!

Life of those who else were dying,

Light of those in darkness lying,

Ever be Thou blest,

Jesu, sweetest Rest.

Life, that stooped to be

Slain for such as me,

Who to save us death hast tasted,

Pardon life and blessings wasted,

Take away our load,

Lead us back to God!


Brightness of His Face!

To redeem our race,

Ere time was, Thou wast appointed,

Thou didst veil Thee, God's Anointed,

In our human race:

Brightness of His Face!

Conqueror, Thou alone

Hast the powers o'erthrown

Of the world, the flesh, the devil;

Souls that once were slaves to evil,

Thou hast made Thine own,

Conqueror, Thou alone!

Highest Majesty!

King and Prophet! see

To Thy gentle rule submitting,

At Thy feet like Mary sitting,

I would learn from Thee,

Highest Majesty!

O Thou Light Divine!

Make me wholly Thine.

Wisdom by Thy Spirit knowing,

With Thy love and ardour glowing,

Thou within me shine,

O Thou Light Divine!

Thy humility

And Thy kindness be

In my heart for ever dwelling,

Pride and anger thence dispelling,

Till Thyself Thou see

Mirrored, Lord, in me.


Is my foolish mind

To the world inclined?

Strengthen it no more to waver,

But to seek alone Thy favour,

Wealth in Thee to find;

Grant me, Lord, Thy mind.

In the darksome night,

When the billows' might

Roars around my little vessel,

And with bitter fears I wrestle,

Let Thy arm of might

Save me in the night.

Let my soul be strong,

Bold to suffer wrong

For Thy sake though I should perish;

Life nor earthly wealth to cherish,

All to Thee belong;

Only make me strong.

And when I must die

Let me feel Thee nigh;

Through the valley walk beside me,

To the heavenly glory guide me,

Till I find me nigh

To Thy throne on high.

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