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Morgenstern in finst'rer Nacht

Johann Scheffler

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1869

Morning Star in darksome night,

Who the sad earth makest bright,

I am Thine!

In me shine,

Fill me with Thy light divine!


Lo, Thy heaven is in me here,

Longs to see its Star appear;

Break of Day,

No more delay,

Come and chase these mists away!

For Thy brightness, O my Star,

Earth's poor sun surpasseth far;

From Thy sight,

Lovely Light,

Other suns must hide in night.

All things stand revealed by Thee,

Past and Present and To-Be,

And Thy smile

Can erewhile

Night itself of gloom beguile.

Where Thy joyous splendours dart

Faith soon follows in the heart,

Star most clear,

Far and near

Thou as Lord art worshipped here!

Come then, Golden Light of souls,

Ere fresh darkness o'er me rolls,

Be Thou mine,

In me shine,

Fill me with Thy Light divine!

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