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O Licht geboren aus dem Lichte

Martin Opitz von Bobersfeld

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1869

O Light, who out of Light wast born,

O glorious Sun of Righteousness,

Thou sendest us anew the morn

With pleasant light and cheerfulness;

Therefore it beseems us well

Now with thankful lips to tell

All we owe to Thee;

Let our hearts to Thee arise,

Open Thou our inner eyes

All Thy love to see.

O let Thy Spirit's clear-eyed day

Break in upon our hearts' deep night,

And with its glowing radiance slay

Our self-trust's cold deluding light;

See, we waver and are weak,

Act and thought alike oft seek

Paths that are not Thine!

That our way may grow more clear,

And our life more steadfast here,

Bid Thy Sun to shine.

Unite, Lord, in the bonds of peace

Our Church's scattered band;

Bid wars and persecutions cease

Through our sad fatherland;

Grant us, Lord, O grant us rest!

That we, not too sore opprest,

May our course fulfil

Through this fleeting Time, till Thou

Bring us where the angels now

Praise Thy goodness still.

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