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Von Gott will ich nicht lassen

Louis Helmboldt

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1869

From God shall nought divide me,

For He is true alway,

And on my path will guide me,

Where else I oft should stray.

His ever-bounteous hand

At morn and eve is heedful

To give me what is needful

Where'er I go or stand.

If sorrow comes, He sent it,

In Him I put my trust;

I never shall repent it,

For He is true and just,

And loves to bless us still.

My life and soul, I owe them

To Him who doth bestow them;

Let Him do as He will.

Whate'er may be His pleasure

Is surely best for me;

He gave His dearest treasure

That our weak hearts might see

How good His will toward us,

And in His Son He gave us

Whate'er could bless and save us:

Praise Him who loveth thus!


Yes, praise Him, for He never

His needful help denies;

Ah happy hour, whenever

To Him our thoughts can rise!

For all the time we spend

Without Him is but wasted,

Mere loss till we have tasted

His joy that cannot end.

The world around is passing

With all its pomp and pride;

What men are here amassing

Can never long abide;

We die--and it is gone.

But fear not, Christian sleeper,

God is our mighty Keeper,

And we shall wake anon.

Then though on earth I suffer

Much trial, well I know

I merit ways still rougher,

And 'tis to heaven I go,

For Christ I know and love;

And every step leads thither,

Where, safe from blasts that wither,

Joy dwells with Him above.

For 'tis our Father made us,

And wills our good alone;

The Son hath died to save us

And make God's goodness known;

The Spirit rules our ways,

And dwells through faith within us,

To God and Heaven to win us;

To Him be thanks and praise!

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