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And of Matthesius we give this Miner's Song:



O Vater, Sohn, und Heil'ger Geist


trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1869

O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Thou God, dost fix the miner's post,

Thy Word hath made the wondrous store

Of rock, and earth, and precious ore.


Good metal is a gift from Thee,

'Tis ours to use it honestly

For God and country, as 'tis fit,

Not give it our hearts and worship it.

Who sees God in the precious stone,

Works truly, prays to Him alone,

Believes in Christ with all his heart,

He doth the Christian miner's part.

God, who createdst quartz and sand,

Change them to ore in this our land;

Thy blessing guide us where to find,

Thy Spirit give the wise clear mind.

Who hath Thee, knows Thy word and love

Better than much fine gold shall prove;

Thy meanest gift is goods and gold,

Christ is the mine of wealth untold.

At Zarephath a smelter's wife

Maintained of old the prophet's life,

Believed his word, had peace and rest,

And God's dear blessing with her guest.

So we commend, Lord, to Thy grace

Thy little Church within this place;

It hath received and keeps Thy Word,

Repay it with true prophets, Lord.

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