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We add Luther's version of the Song of Simeon:--


[Luke 2:29-33]


Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin

Martin Luther

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1869

In peace and joy I now depart,

According to God's will;

For full of comfort is my heart,

So calm and still.

So doth God His promise keep,

And death to me is but a sleep.


'Tis Christ has wrought this work for me;

Thy dear and only Son,

Whom Thou hast suffered me to see,

And made Him known

As our Help when woes are rife,

And e'en in death itself our Life.

For Thou in mercy unto all

Hast set this Saviour forth,

And to His kingdom Thou dost call

The whole sad earth,

Through Thy blessed, wholesome Word,

That now in every place is heard.

He is the Hope, the Saving Light,

That heathen nations need,

And those who know Thee not aright

Will teach and lead;

While His Israel's joy He is,

His people's glory, praise, and bliss.

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