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St. Andrew's Day.

And Jesus saith unto them, Follow me. . . And they straightway left their nets, and followed Him.

From the Gospel. [Mk 1:17-18]


Folget mir, ruft uns das Leben

Rist. 1644.

trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1855

Follow me, in me ye live,

What ye ask I freely give,

Only heed ye lest ye stray,

Follow me, the Living Way;

Follow me with all your hearts,

I will ward off sorrow's darts;

Learn from Christ your Lord to be

Rich in meek humility.

Yea, Lord, meet it is indeed

We should all thy bidding heed;

Who in fear of this earth's blame,

Counts Thy lowly yoke a shame,

To Thy name, Lord, hath no right,

Is no Christian, in Thy sight.

Ah too well I know that we,

Hear on earth, should follow Thee.


Where is strength, Lord, to fulfil,

Glad at heart, Thy works and will,

Following on where Thou hast trod?

All too weak am I, O God;

If awhile Thy paths I keep,

Soon I pine for rest and sleep;

E'en to love Thee, Lord, aright,

Passeth far my feeble might.

Yet I will not turn from Thee,

Yet my joy in Christ shall be;

Help me, make me strong and bold,

Firm and fast Thy grace to hold;

This world and her lusts I leave,

Only to my Lord I cleave;

All their promises are lies,

But who follows Thee is wise.

Thou hast gone before us, Lord,

Not with anger, strife, or sword,

Not with kingly pomp and pride,

But with mercy at Thy side.

Moved by wondrous love divine

For our life Thou gavest Thine,

And Thy precious outpoured blood,

Won for us the highest good.


Let us follow in such sort,

Christ-like every deed and thought,

That Thy love most true and kind

All our hearts henceforth may bind;

None may look behind him now,

Who to Christ hath pledged his vow;

Jesus leads, no longer stand,

Follow me, is His command.

Draw me up, my God, from hence,

Raise me high o'er earth and sense,

That I lose not Thee from sight,

Nor in life nor death, my Light!

In my soul's most deep recess

Let me cherish holiness,

Not for show or human praise,

But for Thy sake, all my days.

Grant me, Lord, my heart's desire,

So my course to run nor tire,

That my practised soul may prove

What Thy meekness, what Thy love.

Grant me here to trust Thy grace,

There with joy to see Thy face,

This in time my portion be,

That through all eternity!

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