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The Life of Faith



Der Glaub ist eine lebendige Kraft

Bohemian Brethren.

Faith is a living power from heaven,

That grasps the promise God hath given,

A trust that cannot be o'erthrown,

Fix'd heartily on Christ alone.

Faith finds in Christ whate'er we need

To save or strengthen us indeed,

Receives the grace He sends us down,

And makes us share His cross and crown.

Faith in the conscience worketh peace,

And bids the mourner's weeping cease;

By Faith the children's place we claim,

And give all honour to One Name.

Faith feels the Spirit's kindling breath

In love and hope that conquer death;

Faith worketh hourly joy in God,

And trusts and blesses e'en the rod.


We thank Thee then, O God of heaven,

That Thou to us this faith hast given

In Jesus Christ Thy Son, Who is

Our only Fount and Source of bliss;

And from His fulness grant each soul

The rightful faith's true end and goal,

The blessedness no foes destroy,

Eternal love and light and joy.

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