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Praise and Thanksgiving

The Glory of God in Creation.


Himmel Erde Luft und Meer

Joachim Neander. 1679

O, heaven and earth, and sea and air,

Their Maker's glory all declare;

And thou, my soul, awake and sing,

To Him Thy praises also bring.

Through Him the glorious Source of Day

Drives all the clouds of night away;

The pomp of stars, the moon's soft light,

Praise Him through all the silent night.

Behold, how He hath everywhere

Made earth so wondrous rich and fair;

The forest dark, the fruitful land,

All living things do show His hand.


Behold, how through the boundless sky

The happy birds all swiftly fly;

And fire and wind and storm are still

The ready servants of His will.

Behold the waters' ceaseless flow

For ever circling to and fro;

The mighty sea, the bubbling well,

Alike their Maker's glory tell.

My God, how wondrously dost Thou

Unfold Thyself to us e'en now!

O grave it deeply on my heart

What I am, Lord, and what Thou art!

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