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At the Burial of the Dead

The Lord doth all Things Well.


Aller Gläubigen Sammelplatz

Moravian Hymn-Book.

Christ will gather in His own

To the place where He is gone,

Where their heart and treasure lie,

Where our life is hid on high.

Day by day the voice saith, "Come,

Enter thine eternal home;"

Asking not if we can spare

This dear soul it summons there.

Had He ask'd us, well we know

We should cry, oh spare this blow!

Yes, with streaming tears should pray,

"Lord, we love him, let him stay!"

But the Lord doth nought amiss,

And since He hath order'd this,

We have nought to do but still

Rest in silence on His will.

Many a heart no longer here,

Ah! was all too inly dear;

Yet, O Love, 'tis Thou dost call,

Thou wilt be our All in all.

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