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New Year

(Index of Tunes, CXV.)


Tune.--"If thou but suffer God to guide thee."

Sheet Music

Hilf, Herr Jesu, lass gelingen

Rist, 1644

Help us, O Lord, behold we enter

Upon another year to-day;

In Thee our hopes and thoughts now centre,

Renew our courage for the way:

New life, new strength, new happiness,

We ask of Thee,--oh hear and bless!

May every plan and undertaking

This year be all begun with Thee,

When I am sleeping or am waking,

Still let me know Thou art with me;

Abroad do Thou my footsteps guide,

At home be ever at my side.

Be this a time of grace and pardon,

Thy rod I take with willing mind,

But suffer nought my heart to harden,

Oh let me now Thy mercy find;

In Thee alone, my God, I live,

Thou only canst my sins forgive.

And may this year to me be holy,

Thy grace so fill my ev'ry thought

That all my life be pure and lowly

And truthful, as a Christian's ought;

So make me while yet dwelling here

Pious and blest from year to year.

Jesus, be with me and direct me;

Jesus, my plans and hopes inspire;

Jesus, from tempting thoughts protect me;

Jesus, be all my heart's desire;

Jesus, be in my thoughts all day,

Nor suffer me to fall away!

And grant, Lord, when the year is over,

That it for me in peace may close;

In all things care for me, and cover

My head in time of fear and woes;

So may I, when my years are gone,

Appear with joy before Thy throne.

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