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Love to the Saviour

(CXVII.--"Wie schön leucht' uns der Morgenstern.")


Original Tune.

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Wie schön leucht' uns der Morgenstern

Nicolai, 1598

O Morning Star! how fair and bright

Thou beamest forth in truth and light!

O Sov'reign meek and lowly,

Thou Root of Jesse, David's Son,

My Lord and Bridegroom, Thou hast won

My heart to serve Thee solely!

Holy art Thou, Fair and Glorious,

All victorious,

Rich in blessing,

Rule and might o'er all possessing.

Thou Heavenly Brightness! Light Divine!

O deep within my heart now shine,

And make Thee there an altar!

Fill me with joy and strength to be

Thy member, ever join'd to Thee

In love that cannot falter;

Toward Thee longing Doth possess me,

Turn and bless me,

For Thy gladness

Eye and heart here pine in sadness.

But if Thou look on me in love,

There straightways falls from God above

A ray of purest pleasure;

Thy word and Spirit, flesh and blood,

Refresh my soul with heavenly food,

Thou art my hidden treasure;

Let Thy grace, Lord, Warm and cheer me.

O draw near me;

Thou hast taught us

Thee to seek since Thou hast sought us!

Here will I rest, and hold it fast,

The Lord I love is First and Last,

The End as the Beginning!

Here I can calmly die, for Thou

Wilt raise me where Thou dwellest now,

Above all tears, all sinning:

Amen! Amen! Come, Lord Jesus,

Soon release us,

With deep yearning,

Lord, we look for Thy returning!

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