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(C.--"Vater unser im Himmelreich.")


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Vater unser im Himmelreich

Luther, 1539

Our Father, Thou in heav'n above,

Who biddest us to dwell in love,

As brethren of one family,

And cry for all we need to Thee;

Teach us to mean the words we say,

And from the inmost heart to pray.

All hallow'd be Thy name, O Lord!

Oh let us firmly keep Thy Word,

And lead, according to Thy name,

A holy life, untouch'd by blame;

Let no false teachings do us hurt--

All poor deluded souls convert.

Thy kingdom come! Thine let it be

In time, and through eternity!

Oh let Thy Holy Spirit dwell

With us, to rule and guide us well;

From Satan's mighty power and rage

Preserve Thy Church from age to age.

Thy will be done on earth, O Lord,

As where in heaven Thou art adored!

Patience in time of grief below,

Obedience true through weal and woe;

Strength, tempting wishes to control

That thwart Thy will within the soul.

Give us to-day our daily bread,

Let us be duly clothed and fed,

And keep Thou from our homes afar

Famine and pestilence and war,

That we may live in godly peace,

Unvex'd by cares and avarice.

Forgive our sins, that they no more

May grieve and haunt us as before,

As we forgive their trespasses

Who unto us have done amiss;

Thus let us dwell in charity,

And serve each other willingly.

Into temptation lead us not,

And when the foe doth war and plot

Against our souls on every hand,

Then, arm'd with faith, oh may we stand

Against him as a valiant host,

Through comfort of the Holy Ghost

Deliver us from evil, Lord,

The days are dark and foes abroad;

Redeem us from the second death,

And when we yield our dying breath,

Console us, grant us calm release,

And take our souls to Thee in peace.

Amen! that is, so let it be!

Strengthen our faith and trust in Thee,

That we may doubt not, but believe

That what we ask, we shall receive;

Thus in Thy name and at Thy word

We say Amen, now hear us, Lord!

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