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The Word of God

(Index of Tunes, LXXXII.)


Tune.--"Lord Jesus Christ, my Life, my Light."

Sheet Music

O Jesu Christe, wahres Licht

J. Heermann, 1630

O Christ, our true and only Light,

Illumine those who sit in night;

Let those afar now hear Thy voice,

And in Thy fold with us rejoice.

Fill with the radiance of Thy grace

The souls now lost in error's maze,

And all whom in their secret minds

Some dark delusion hurts and blinds.

And all who else have stray'd from Thee,

Oh gently seek! Thy healing be

To every wounded conscience given,

And let them also share Thy heaven.

Oh make the deaf to bear Thy word,

And teach the dumb to speak, dear Lord,

Who dare not yet the faith avow,

Though secretly they hold it now.

Shine on the darken'd and the cold,

Recall the wand'rers from Thy fold,

Unite those now who walk apart,

Confirm the weak and doubting heart.

So they with us may evermore

Such grace with wondering thanks adore,

And endless praise to Thee be given

By all Thy Church in earth and heaven.

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