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Holy Communion

(Index of Tunes, LXXIV.)


Tune.--"My soul, now praise thy Maker."

Sheet Music

Wie wohl hast du gelabet

Rist, 1651

O Living Bread from heaven,

How richly hast Thou fed Thy guest!

The gifts Thou now hast given

Have fill'd my heart with joy and rest.

O wondrous food of blessing,

O cup that heals our woes,

My heart this gift possessing

In thankful songs o'erflows;

For while the life and strength in me

Were quicken'd by this food,

My soul hath gaz'd awhile on Thee,

My highest, only Good!

My God, Thou here hast led me

Within Thy temple's holiest place,

And there Thyself hast fed me

With all the treasures of Thy grace;

Oh boundless is Thy kindness,

And righteous is Thy power,

While I in sinful blindness

Am erring hour by hour;

And yet Thou comest, dost not spurn

A sinner, Lord, like me!

Ah how can I Thy love return,

What gift have I for Thee?

A heart that hath repented,

And mourns for sin with bitter sighs,--

Thou, Lord, art well-contented

With this my only sacrifice.

I know that in my weakness

Thou wilt despise me not,

But grant me in Thy meekness

The favour I have sought!

Yes, Thou wilt deign in grace to heed

The song that now I raise,

For meet and right is it indeed

That I should sing Thy praise.

Grant what I have partaken

May through Thy grace so work in me,

That sin be all forsaken,

And I may cleave alone to Thee,

And all my soul be heedful

How she Thy love may know:

For this alone is needful,

Thy love should in me glow;

Then let no beauty please mine eyes,

No joy allure my heart,

But what in Thee, my Saviour, lies,

What Thou dost here impart.

O well for me that, strengthen'd

With heavenly food and comfort here,

Howe'er my course be lengthen'd,

I now may serve Thee free from fear.

Away then earthly pleasure,

All earthly gifts are vain,

I seek a heavenly treasure,

My home I long to gain,

Where I shall live and praise my God,

And none my peace destroy,

Where all the soul is overflow'd

With pure eternal joy.

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