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Saints' Days

(Index of Tunes, LXIII.)


Tune.--"Deal with me, God, in mercy now."

Sheet Music

Mir nach, spricht Christus, unser Held

Scheffler, 1653

Rise, follow Me! our Master saith,

All ye who make My yoke your choice;

Deny yourselves, be true to death,

Follow where'er ye hear My voice;

Forsake the world, nor count it loss,

Tread in My steps, and bear My cross.

Though heavy it may seem, yet think

I went before, I still am near,

I fought the fight, and did not shrink,

I trod the path of suffering here;

My banner still is in the field,

Would ye, faint hearts, then fly or yield?

For he who seeks to save his life

Shall find his care without Me vain;

Who seems to lose it in the strife

Shall find it in his God again;

Who follows not My cross tbrough all,

He is not worthy of My call.

Then let us follow Thee, dear Lord,

As Thy true servants did of old,

Forsaking all things at Thy word,

In suffering calm, in danger bold

'T is only he who wins the fight

May hope to wear their crown of light.

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