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(XLII.--"Hochheilige Dreieinigkeit.")


Original Tune.

Sheet Music

Hochheilige Dreieinigkeit

Scheffler, 1657

Most Hight and Holy Trinity!

O Thou, who of Thy mercy mild

Hast form'd me here in time to be

Thy image and Thy loving child,

Oh let me love Thee day and night,

With all my soul, with all my might;

O come, Thyself my sould prepare,

And make Thy dwelling ever there.

Father! replenish with Thy grace

This longing heart that would be Thine,

Make it Thy quiet dwelling-place,

Thy inner consecrated shrine!

Forgive that oft my spirit wears

Her time and strength in trivial cares,

Enfold her in Thy changeless peace,

So she from all but Thee may cease!

O God the Son! Thy wisdom's light

Now on my darken'd reason pour;

Forgive that things of sense and sight

Have been her only joy of yore;

Henceforth let every thought and deed

On Thee be fix'd, from Thee proceed;

Draw me to Thee, for I would rise

Above these earthly vanities!

O Holy Ghost! Thou fire of love!

Enkindle with Thy flame my will;

Come with Thy strength, Lord, from above,

Help me Thy bidding to fulfil:

Forgive that I so oft have done

What I as sinful ought to shun;

Let me with pure and quenchless fire

Thy favour and Thyself desire.

Most High and Holy Trinity!

O draw me now away far hence,

And fix upon eternity

All powers alike of soul and sense!

Make me at one within; at One

With Thee on earth; when life is done

Take me to dwell in light with Thee,

Most High and Holy Trinity!

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