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(CXIX.--"Wir Christenleut'.")


Original Tune.

Sheet Music

Wir Christenleut' han jetzund Freud'

Anon., Appears 1645

? Author Gaspar Fugger, +1617

We Christians may rejoice to-day,

When Christ was born to comfort and to save us;

Who thus believes no longer grieves,

For none are lost who grasp the hope He gave us.

O wondrous joy, that God most high

Should take our flesh, and thus our race should honour;

A virgin mild hath borne this Child,

Such grace and glory God hath put upon her.

Sin brought us grief, but Christ relief,

When down to earth He came for our salvation;

Since God with us is dwelling thus,

Who dares to speak the Christian's condemnation?

Then hither throng, with happy song

To Him whose birth and death are our assurance;

Through whom are we at last set free

From sins and burdens that surpassed endurance.

Yes, let us praise our God and raise

Loud hallelujahs to the skies above us

The bliss bestowed to-day by God,

To ceaseless thankfulness and joy should move us.

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