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A Complimentary Subject Index to
Willison’s Testimony

Compiler’s note: This subject index is not exhaustive and meant only to supplement the “Contents” found in the work itself. When there is an indented list, either the first entry is of the same subject matter or the indented list that follows contains different subjects found on the same page. At times, subjects may occur more than once in the list. The list mainly follows the chronological sequence of pages and subjects found therein. Therefore, various subjects will be found more than once.

Preface iii
Testimony 25
Advertisement 210
Adherence 211
Postscript, 1st 212
Contents 231
Postscript, 2nd 234
Subscriber’s Names 235
Popishness ix, xxii
Corruptions listed viii - ix
Acts of Synods against corruptions xii
Disregard of Synods xiii
Ministers with no scruples of patronage or error xiv
Men with no scruples for orthodoxy appointed as professors and masters xiv
Acceptation of errors xv
Luther & David Ps. cxix — against loss of truth xix

Truth not sacrificed to preserve peace

Peace as Judgment

Jeremiah 9:3; Rev. 21:8 xx
War — France & Spain xxi
Aurelius & Dioclesian persecutions 26
Druids 26
Paladius; Lollards of Kyle; Luther; Melanchthon; Patrick Hamilton 28

John Wicliff; John Huss; Burning of Mr. Hamilton

George Wishard; John Rough; Jon Knox;

John Wilcock; Mr. Craig; John Erkine of Dun;

Parliament & Reformation - Confession of Faith

Cromwell 40
Invades and oppresses Scots 40
Charles II — King 1651 41

Laws over the Church


Clarification of the original WCF 23 (This may be another incident [1649] after the 1647 ratification and exception stated by James Bannerman in his book,

“The Church of Christ” p 179.)


Death of James Guthrie — 1660

Decapitated and his head placed in one of the ports in the city of Edinburgh

Death penalty of Charles II against preachers 45
Destruction of Family Worship 45
Forced denunciation of vows 46
Persecution to the death 47, 48
Persecution by Magistrate 51
Subscription etc. 57
Qualifications for elder 61
Colony to America 61
Confessional Subscription 62; 79
Minister visitation 64
Schools 64
Westminster Confession 23.3; 26.6 66
Renewal of covenant vows by ministers 67 (bottom) ff.
Sins against vows 68
Civil Magistrate & Church — tensions 69ff.

Profaning of the Lord’s Day

that came with union with England

Episcopal worship opposed

The abandonment of Family worship etc. 72
Worship deteriorated 72-73; 75
Humility of Divines under God’s just punishment 75
Power of Presbyterian ministers to purge scandalous and erroneous ministers 76
Riots 85
Security of the people found under King George—not God. 85
Mr. James Webster against gross false teachings of Mr. Simson — Arminianism etc. 86
Heresies stated in a way that they would seem consonant with the Westminster Standards 87

Marrow of modern Divinity laid before 1620 Assembly

Arguments from natural reason

Exceptions detailed

Rebuke of ministers not to teach false doctrine ignored

Sermons watered down, old doctrine “harsh”


Church elects officers; Acts 1:15, 23; 6:2; 8:14; 13:3; 14:23; 16:9; 1 Jn. 4:1; 2 Jn. 10

Christian choice of pastors 94,95, 98, 99, 103, 104

Acts 6; 14:23 etc., original languages

Evils no longer sensed 95

Unchristian contentions in judicatories

Scattering of the flock

Simonatical practices, effects of

National Covenant 98


Church planting

101, 102
Rom. 12:1; 2 Cor. 5:20-10:1; Philemon 9,10; 1 Thess. 2:7 106, 107
Rom. 14:13, 19, 21 107
1 Jn. 4:1; Mt. 7:15-16 108
2 Jn. 10; Acts 17:11; Jn. 10:4, 5 109
Eusebeius, Turretine 109
Wicked Shepherds, sheep scattering, Jer. 23:1-2 110

Eze. 34

God visits church with rebukes via attacks on her Constitution

Independent schemes of church govt., new improvements

Fault finding in the Confession


The Lord’ rebuke 113
Arian errors of Professor Simons still taught though he was forbidden to do so 115
Disregard for the flock and the Lord’s discipline 116
Calls received apart from Presbyteries 118
Inferior numbers for a quorum 119

Reversal of unconstitutional acts

Innovations in preaching

God’s providence in causing leaders to act foolishly on measures 122

Selection of pastors

Multiple days used for examination of gifts, home visits, preaching by candidate

Causeless grounds for not calling a minister, appearance, doctrine, etc. 128
No obligation to laws of men 129
Protests against assembly, synod considered criminal 132
National fasting 140
Preaching against loose moral discourses & neglecting Christ 143

Little of Christ in people

Not much difference between heathen moralisms & preaching

Morality verses Christ’s righteousness in preaching 145
Preaching and the moral law 146

Christ the only source of strength

Moral preachers and presupposition of natural power


1 Cor. 1:18, 21, 24; 2:2; Acts 2:36, 37; 10:43, 44; 11:20-21 on preaching



Eloquent moralisms that exclude Christ


Christless moral sermons


Indicators of when God is about to leave a people

God gives people up to lifeless moral sermons


Sermon applications

Self love, law of nature sufficient for happiness

152, 153
Catechism revised with out approval 154

Rebukes of the Lord, persistence in sin

Act against Church censures by magistrate


Magistrate & power of the keys

Contrary to Confession

WCF 30.1,2; 23.3


Headship of Christ, not upheld 157

William Wishart

Charitable toward heathens

Soft proceedings against

Innovative words on Confessional matters


Plain & ordinary sense of words necessary

Heretics put orthodox sense in their words

Rebuke to those who do not hold plains sense, Titus 1:3.

Zeal for truth &; humility needed toward an erring church 164

Uncharitable attacks against weaker brethren

Marking narrow failings, mistakes, magnifying errors instead of covering sins (as Christ enjoins)

Flock scattering by those overzealous for truth 168, 169

Judicatories overturn foundation of govt.,

make defections greater than they are


Episcopal Church

Differ only in govt., defections of, drift into Arminianism, corruption of worship in, slide into Popish superstitions, middle state for souls after death, corruption of Lord’s Supper (as sacrifice), absolution by priest, baptismal regeneration



1732 or 1733, Saltzburg Germany, conversion from Popish superstition, 20,000 people, loss of worldly goods to enjoy pure preaching of gospel;

1735 -1736, Moravia Germany;

1736, Northampton New England, Jonathan Edwards


Revivals (cont.)

Oxford England, Methodists,

Whitefield, Gilbert Tennant


Revivals, errors in,

Pretended visions, prophecy, great multitudes, great attainments, Satan leading into error


Praying societies in Edinburgh

Whitefield in Scotland 1741, Cambuslang 1742

Psalm singing 176
Revival, effects of 179
Revival, opposition to by seceders zealous for truth 181
1 Cor. 1:27 182

Revival, reactions in

Bodily faintings, ecstasies, exampes in Scripture—

Dan. 8:27; 10:8, 9

Examples of effects of revival on Reformers 187
Jonathan Edwards on revival 187

Need for awareness of sin

Strict subscription

Against natural reason




Popish inclinations

Holy Days held equal to Lord’s Day

Arminianism, Pelagianism

Doctrines that exalt self

Self love

Magistrates assuming power of keys


Toleration of sects

Sacramental test



Swearing by kissing gospels

Those in denial of:

National Church


Subordinate judicatories

Maintaining independency

Power of keys in hands of community not officers






Self seeking

Neglect of Family worship


Sins (cont.)

Opposition to Holy Spirit

Forgetting God’s mercies


Sins (cont.)

Following men’s teachings


Decaying zeal to uphold truth

Misapplication of God’s word

Contempt of others who do not agree

Natural reason above supernatural revelation

Elevation of religion of nature


Christ as moral pattern

Confession of Faith, outward consent to & scarce reading of 194
Abuse of Lord’s Day 195
Parental neglect 196
Ministers, unsent but go anyway 197
Confession of Faith, warning against errorists not adhering to; WCF 30.1, 2 202

Remedies for unaccountable practices

Presbyteries have free access to moderate

Church Planting 204

Freedom to call minister without undue influence,

Qualifications for ministers



experimental religion

Ruling elders 206
Reproach on the Confession of Faith 220
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