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WE, whose names are underwritten, having seen and considered the above Paper, called, A Fair and Impartial Testimony, &c. do hereby declare, That we think the scope and intention of it good, and that it doth express the sentiments of many ministers, elders and Christian people of the church of Scotland, concerning the principles, wrestlings and attainments of the said church, and concerning the defections, corruptions and evils therein mentioned. And in regard the said testimony seems to be drawn up with impartiality, plainness, and uprightness of design, not to be the badge a party, or a term of communion; but a banner for truth, a prompter to reformation, and the means of healing breaches: we humbly judge it needful and seasonable in this day of Backsliding and Division; hoping it may be useful for maintaining and preserving truth, purity and godliness in the present age, and for transmitting the same to posterity; and that it will either be some check to the progress of corruption, or a standing witness against it. Wherefore we join with the said Testimony in witnessing for the truhs, and against the evils therein, specified; and in pleading with our Mother to exert herself to stop Defection, and essay Reformation. And have subscribed these presents.


Jo. Willison, M.A. Minister at Dundee.

Jo. Gillies, M.A. Minister at Carraldstone.

Jo. Row, M.A. Minister at Navare and Lethnot.

Ja. Small, M.A. Minister at Carmylie.

Dav. Blair, M.A. Minister at Brechin.

Geo. Aitken, M.A. Minister at Montrose.

Geo. Lyon, M.A. Minister at Longforgan.

Geo. Marr, M.A. Minister at Murrose.

George Peter, Elder.

Gideon Rutherford, Elder.

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