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2. The shepherds - The rulers of the people kings, magistrates, and princes; as also priests, and prophets. Of Israel - The two tribes, and the few out of the ten that adhere to the house of David. That feed - Contrive their own ease, advantage, and honour.

3. Ye kill - You contrive methods, to take first the life, and next the estate of the well-fed, the rich and wealthy. But - You take care to lead, protect, provide for, and watch over them.

4. The diseased - The weak and languishing. Bound up - Oppressors in the state, or church, broke many then, but these shepherds bound them not up.

5. No shepherd - No vigilant, faithful shepherd. Became meat - Were made a prey of, and devoured by all their neighbours.

12. In the cloudy and dark day - In the time of general distress.

16. The fat - The powerful and rich. I will feed - I will judge and punish them.

17. I judge - Between men and men, between the smaller and weaker, and the greater and stronger, as their different state requires I will do. The rams - Rulers, who also shalt be dealt with according to their behaviour.

18. But ye must tread down - You great ones, eat the fat, and sweet; and what you cannot eat, you waste and spoil. The deep waters - Which are sufficient for all.

20. I will judge - I will vindicate the poor. The fat cattle - The rich. The lean - The poor.

23. One shepherd - Christ, the great good, chief, only shepherd, that laid down his life for his sheep. My servant David - The seed of David, the beloved one, who was typified by David, and is in other places called by his name, as Jer. xxx, 9 chap. xxxvii, 24 Isaiah xxxvii, 35 Hosea iii, 5. He shall feed - Do all the office of a good and faithful shepherd, and that forever.

24. My servant - Christ was in this great work his fathers servant, Isaiah xlii, 1.

25. A covenant - A covenant of promises, which contain, and shall bring peace, that is all good.

26. Them - My returned captives, The places - All the country. My hill - Jerusalem.

29. A plant - The Messiah. The shame - The reproach.

30. Their God - By covenant, from their forefathers. Am with them - Present with them, and reconciled to them.

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