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2. The mountains - The inhabitants of the mountains, who were secure in their fastnesses.

3. Rivers - To those who dwell by river sides, or in the valleys. High places - The places of your idolatrous worship.

4. Cast down - Before the altars of your idols, which you fly to for refuge.

5. And - Thus the idols were upbraided with their inability to help their worshippers, and the idolaters, with the folly of trusting in them.

6. Your works - All your costly work for your idols.

8. Remnant - It is the Lord that preserves a remnant, the enemies rage would destroy all.

9. Shall remember - So as to turn unto me. Broken - I am much grieved. Whorish heart - Idolatrous hearts depart from God, as an adulterous wife departs from her husband. Loath - With a mixture of grief towards God, of indignation against themselves, and abhorrence of the offense.

10. In vain - Either without cause, the sufferers gave him just cause to pronounce that evil; or without effect. Their sins where the cause, and their destruction is the effect of their sufferings.

11. Smite - To shew thy wonder, indignation, sorrow, and pity, for their sins and sufferings.

12. Far off - Either by flight, or captivity. Shall fall - Who dwell near to Jerusalem, or would retire to it, when the Babylonians approach.

14. Wilderness - The horrid wilderness of Moab. Therein the fiery serpents so much annoyed Israel. Accordingly the land of Canaan is at this day one of the most desolate countries in the world.

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