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1. Now - Three months after the city was taken. Ishmael - The same Ishmael that came to Gedaliah, ver. 8, 9, to whom he swear protection; only here we are told he was of the royal blood, which might both raise his spirits, as having a more legal pretense to the government, and rendered him a fitter instrument, for Baalis the king or queen of the Ammonites to make use of. The princes - Some of the princes, who had escaped the army of the king of Babylon.

3. Slew - All those who were about the court of Gedaliah.

4. No man - No man who lived at any distance from Mizpah.

5. There came men - Who possibly had not heard of the temple being burnt. Cut themselves - With all indications of mourning used in those countries.

8. He forebare - His covetousness prevailed over his cruelty.

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