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1. He - He that makes God his habitation and refuge.

3. Pestilence - From the pestilence, which like a fowler's snare takes men suddenly and unexpectedly.

5. By night - When evil accidents are most terrible and least avoidable. Arrow - The pestilence, or any such destructive calamity; such are frequently called God's arrows. By day - Thou shalt be kept from secret and open mischiefs.

6. Darkness - Invisibly, so that we can neither foresee nor prevent it.

12. Bear thee - Sustain or uphold thee in thy goings, as we do a child.

13. The lion - Shall lie prostrate at thy feet, and thou shalt securely put thy feet upon his neck. Dragon - By which he understands all pernicious creatures, though never so strong, and all sorts of enemies.

14. Because - This and the two following verses are the words of God.

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