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5. Joseph - Among the people of Israel. Testimony - For a witness of that glorious deliverance. He - God. Went - As a captain at the head of his people. Egypt - To execute his judgments upon that land. I - My progenitors, for all the successive generations of Israel make one body, and are sometimes spoken of as one person. A language - The Egyptian language, which at first was unknown to the Israelites, Gen. xlii, 13, and probably continued so for some considerable time, because they were much separated both in place and conversation from the Egyptians.

6. Pots - This word denotes all those vessels wherein they carried water, straw, lime, or bricks.

7. Calledst - At the Red Sea. Secret place - From the dark and cloudy pillar, whence I thundered against the Egyptians.

8. Testify - This God did presently after he brought them from Meribah, even at Sinai.

10. Wide - Either to pray for mercies, or to receive the mercies which I am ready to give you.

15. Him - Unto Israel. Their time - Their happy time.

16. Honey - With all pleasant and precious fruits.

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