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1. Joseph - The children of Joseph or Israel. The name of Joseph, the most eminent of the patriarchs, is elsewhere put for all the tribes. Cherubim - Which were by the mercy seat above the ark.

2. Before Ephraim - Here is an allusion to the ancient situation of the tabernacle in the wilderness, where these tribes were placed on the west-side of the tabernacle, in which the ark was, which consequently was before them.

3. Turn us - To thy self.

9. Preparedst - Thou didst root out the idolatrous nations. Deep root - Thou gavest them a firm settlement.

10. The hills - They filled not only the fruitful valleys, but even the barren mountains.

11. The river - They possessed the whole land, from the mid-land sea to the river Euphrates.

12. Hedges - Taken away thy protection.

16. They - Thy people, signified by the vine. So now he passes from the metaphor to the thing designed by it.

17. Be - To protect and strengthen him. Right-hand - Benjamin signifies the son of the right hand, a dearly beloved son, as Benjamin was to Jacob. Son of man - The people of Israel, who are often spoken of as one person, as God's son and first-born.

18. Go back - Revolt from thee to idolatry or wickedness. Quicken - Revive and restore us to our tranquility.

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