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1. Afflictions - All his sufferings for thy sake.

5. Until - Until I have raised an house in which the ark may be put.

6. It - Of the ark. Ephratah - In the tribe of Ephraim, which was called also Ephratah. Found it - Afterwards we found it in Kirjath- jearim, which signifies a city of woods, in the territory whereof the ark was seated for twenty years.

7. Tabernacles - Into his temple. Footstool - The ark, is often said to sit between the cherubim, which were above the ark.

8. Rest - Into thy resting place, the temple so called, Isaiah lxvi, 1, where thou hast now a fixed habitation. The ark - The seat of thy powerful and glorious presence.

10. David's sake - In regard of thy promises vouchsafed to David. Turn not - Cast me not out of thy presence. Of - Of me whom thou hast anointed to be king over thy people.

16. Salvation - With thy saving graces and blessings.

17. There - In Jerusalem. To bud - His power and glory to flourish. A lamp - A successor to continue forever in his family, as this phrase is expounded 1 Kings xi, 36; xv, 4, and particularly one eminent and glorious light, namely, the Messiah.

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