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2. Sought - Diligently meditated upon.

3. Work - Either all his works, or that eminent branch of those works, his providence towards his people. Righteousness - His justice or faithfulness in performing his word.

4. Remembered - By their own nature, and the lasting benefits flowing from them, which are such as cannot easily be forgotten.

5. Meat - All necessary provisions for their being and well-being.

7. The works - All that he doth on the behalf of his people, or against their enemies. Truth - Are exactly agreeable to his promises, and to justice. Commandments - His laws given to the Israelites, especially the moral law. Sure - Constant and unchangeable.

8. Done - Constituted or ordered.

9. Redemption - The deliverance out of Egypt, which was a type of that higher redemption by Christ. Commanded - Appointed, or established firmly by his power and authority. For ever - Through all successive generations of his people to the end of the world. Reverend - Terrible to his enemies, venerable in his peoples eyes, and holy in all his dealings with all men.

10. The fear - True religion. Beginning - Is the only foundation of, and introduction to, true wisdom.

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