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3. Gathered - Into their own land.

4. No city - Or rather, no town inhabited, where they might refresh themselves.

6. The Lord - Hebrew. Unto Jehovah, to the true God. For the Heathens had, many of them, some knowledge of the true God.

7. Forth - Out of the wilderness.

10. Darkness - In dark prisons or dungeons.

12. Heart - The pride and obstinacy of their hearts. Fell - They fell into hopeless miseries.

17. Afflicted - With sickness.

20. Word - His command, or blessing.

32. Exalt him - In public assemblies, and before all persons, as they have opportunity. Elders - The magistrates or rulers; let them not be ashamed nor afraid to speak of God's wonderful works, before the greatest of men.

33. Rivers - Those grounds which are well watered, and therefore fruitful. And so the water-springs, here, and the standing water, ver. 35 are taken. Into - Into a dry ground, which is like a parched and barren wilderness.

34. For - He doth not inflict these judgments without cause, but for the punishment of sin in some, and the prevention of it in others.

35. Water - Into a well-watered and fruitful land.

36. Hungry - Poor people who could not provide for themselves.

39. They - These men, who when they are exalted by God, grow insolent and secure. Low - By God's just judgment.

40. Contempt - Renders them despicable. Wander - Banishes them from their own courts and kingdoms, and forces them to flee into desolate wildernesses for shelter.

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