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1. Quiet - There was no open war, but there were private hostilities between his and Baasha's subjects.

6. The land had rest - Those have rest indeed, to whom God gives rest; peace indeed, to whom Christ gives peace. We find by experience, it is good to seek the Lord. While we pursue the world, we meet with nothing but vexation.

7. Before us - In our power.

9. Ethiopian - Or, the Arabian, as the Hebrew word Cush is commonly used: these being much nearer to Asa than the Ethiopians.

11. Let not man prevail - If he prevails against us, he prevails, as it were, against thee; because thou art our God. And we rest on thee, and go forth in thy name, which thou hast encouraged us to do.

12. Smote - With terror, and an unaccountable consternation.

14. Smote the cities - because they had joined, with Zerah in this war.

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