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1. Moriah - It was the belief of the ancient Jews, that the temple was built on that very place, where Abraham offered up Issac.

3. Instructed - By David, and by the Spirit of God. The measure - According to the measure which was first fixed.

4. The height - This being a kind of turret to the building.

5. Greater house - The holy place, which was thrice as large as the holy of holies.

9. Nails - Each of the nails, screws, or pins, by which the golden plates were fastened to the walls, weighed, or rather was worth, fifty shekels, workmanship and all. Upper chambers - Rather, the roof.

10. Image work - Or, of moveable work, not fixed to the mercy- seat, as the Mosaical cherubim, but in a moving posture. It seems, they were designed to represent the angels, who attend the Divine Majesty.

13. Inward - Hebrew. towards the house, that is, the most holy house.

14. The veil - The inner veil before the most holy place. This denoted the darkness of that dispensation and the distance at which the worshippers were kept. But at the death of Christ this veil was rent; for thro' him we are brought nigh, and have boldness, or liberty, not only to look, but to enter into the holiest.

17. Jachin - That is, He shall establish. Boaz - That is, In it is strength.

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