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Here is,

I. The sin of Israel, and Aaron particularly in making the golden calf, ver. 1-4. and worshipping it, ver. 5, 6.

II. The notice which God gave of this to Moses, who was now in the mount with him, ver. 7, 8. and the sentence of his wrath against them, ver. 9, 10.

III. The intercession which Moses made for them, ver. 11, 12, 13. and the prevalency of that intercession, ver 14.

IV. His coming down from the mount, and being an eye witness of their idolatry, ver. 15-19. in detestation of which he broke the tables, ver. 19. and burnt the golden calf, ver. 20.

V. The examination of Aaron about it, ver. 21-24.

VI. Execution done upon the ringleaders in the idolatry, ver. 25- 29.

VII. The further intercession Moses made, to turn away the wrath of God from them, ver. 30-32. and a reprieve granted thereupon, reserving them for a further reckoning, ver. 33-35.

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