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In this chapter we have,

I. The commands God gave to Israel,

1. To sanctify all their first-born to him, ver. 1, 2.

2. To remember their deliverance out of Egypt, ver. 3, 4. and in remembrance of it to keep the feast of unleavened bread, ver. 5-8.

3. To transmit the knowledge of it to their children, ver. 8-10.

4. To set apart to God the firstlings of their cattle, ver. 11-13. and to explain that also to their children, ver. 14-16.

II. The care God took of Israel when he had brought them out of Egypt.

1. Chusing their way for them, ver. 17, 18

2. Guiding them in the way, ver. 20-22. And their care of Joseph's bones, ver. 19.

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